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Here’s my entry for the Iheartfaces.blogspot.com weekly photo contest.  These two are best buddies!  I’ve never seen a more patient dog than Cami.  She lets Charlotte use her as a pillow, a drum, and a chasing pal.  I’m so happy she’ll get to grow up with such a sweet natured puppy.  🙂


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Good god my boobs are getting huge!  I’m talking Punkie Brewster getting reduction surgery huge.  Who knew they could be so unwieldy and annoying?!  All this before I even have the baby and get even bigger….lovely.

Bra shopping is super depressing when you’re in the DD category.  Everything is ugly and no bras come with straps less than an inch thick.  Ugh.  It’s like wearing a thick tank top under your clothes.  So far, this is one of my biggest pet peeves of being pregnant.  With Charlotte, I didn’t have this much….volume…to begin with.  Now, I’m longingly watching Abram do his workouts and actually chomping at the bit to have my postpartum time done so I can get back down to a reasonable weight and non-freakishly enormous boobs.

In other, unselfish and self-centered news, the baby is doing well.  I went to another check-up and everything looked good.  The doctor walked in (an OB in the practice I hadn’t seen before) and the first thing she said was “you’re daughter was how big?” and I told her “9lbs 10oz” and she blanched and said she thought it was a typo on my chart at first.  Then she told me that second babies are usually bigger and that if this little dude tops out past 11lbs she’ll have to do a c-section.  Um..yeah..I would hope so.  I’m not pushing that out.  Seriously?  We have to make it 11lbs?  I’d be fine with say, 10-10.5.  Really.  My lady parts cannot take another ravaging by a giant baby.

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Charlotte has been exhausting today!  Or maybe I’m just more easily exhausted at 29 weeks pregnant — either way it seems like every step forward I take in cleaning and organizing she comes behind me and pulls me three steps back.  She’s been increasingly needy, grabbing my skirt and whining to be picked up constantly (and with her at 25lbs and me with a sore back and bulging belly….ugh!).  She’s obsessed with watching me write her ABC’s for her.  I’m so proud of her for wanting to learn her letters at 19 months old, but every time she sees a pen in my hand or a crayon on the floor or ANY paper surface (a bill, a book, a magazine, etc.) she wants me to drop everything and write her ABC’s out for her.  It was cute the first ten million times, now it’s almost obsessive and certainly distracting.

She’s usually such a well behaved toddler, but on top of the neediness she colored all over some furniture today that had me gasping and sternly telling her “bad girl!” — to which she promptly started walking around saying “baa goo” in an adorable, heart melting little voice.  It was impossible to stay mad at her longer than it took me to clean it up.

Tomorrow I tackle the no-sew curtains al-la Young House Love for Charlotte’s bedroom.  I’m using the original fabric I bought for her nursery but never used because we moved in such a hurry so while it’s not what I want in her room permanently, it will do for a few months until I can get something else.  I suppose I can’t complain at having 8 yards of cute Alexander Henry fabric to work with….

I’m determined to have her room finished by the end of the month — sooner if she decides to stop clinging to my leg like a monkey every second of the day.  Those pictures of the progress are forthcoming as any photos I took now would just show a pretty much empty room….curtain pics tomorrow though.  Wish me luck!

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