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No, i’m not bragging about my kids. Although I am super awesome for making them too. But in this instance I’m referring to my little attempt at DIYing something for Charlotte’s room. And there were a bunch of little components to her room and it’s still not complete because…um…I had another baby and feeling fat and useless and like I’ve taken NyQuil all the time isn’t conducive to getting all the shit done that I have planned.


Little project #1 — Charlotte’s Chalkboard Table

First of all, the whole shebang was my Mom’s when she was little, and my Grandfather made it by hand. Then of course it was passed down to me when I was little and then I grew up to be a completely manageable and obedient teenager and decided the family heirloom really needed a decoupage makeover with all my favorite (at the time — don’t shun me) band CD covers. I rocked. Can’t you tell? So, fast forward 15 years and I once again have the table and chairs (and shame) and want to give them to my daughter. Honestly, I researched removing the decoupage and it sounded harder than I was ready for at 8 months pregnant, so I decided to cover it in fabric. But not just ANY fabric — Chalkboard fabric! Genius right?!

I don’t honestly think I came up with anything new here — but for the cost of a can of bright turquoise spray paint ($5) and a yard of chalkcloth ($10) I had a table that entertains her for hours! All I did was spray paint it and let it dry overnight and then stapled the chalkcloth to it with heavy duty staples. Follow the instructions for “curing” the chalkcloth and your done. Easy peasy.


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I don’t know if it’s just me, but sometimes the things that inspire me seems to subsequently depress me.  In my current situation, being freshly unemployed and now a stay at home mom, which equals a much more broke mom, who has not so expensive tastes but certainly lofty ideas when it comes to her house….

arg.  That sentence lost all structure and meaning didn’t it.  What I’m trying to get across is that our income has been slashed in half and I’m still looking at all these design blogs and magazines every day and getting so inspired by all these great ideas and pretty nurseries and kitchens and yet I can’t do anything to release all that inspiration.  Even the photos I’m taking can’t be printed because I ran out of black toner about 2 months ago and can’t justify buying a new one when that $15 could go towards diapers or cat food or whatever.  So, while I’m looking at all these beautiful rooms and have all these crafty DIY ideas that are seriously on the cheap — even “on the cheap” has become expensive.

So yeah.  Inspired.  Depressed.  Like I said.

I’m supposed to be getting Charlotte transferred into her “big girl” room and prepping her current room to become the new baby’s nursery.  I peruse nursery/kids room ideas all the time over at Odeedoh and various other home/decor blogs and am in love with so many things for Charlotte’s new room.  Such as:

via Ohdeedoh

via Ohdeedoh

via Lonny Mag

via Making It Lovely

via Young House Love

And with all the pretty things I can imagine to put together, my checkbook just laughs and rolls it’s eyes at me.  But I’m determined to get these rooms close to complete.  I’ll be posting “before” pics in the next couple of days and hopefully I’ll be able to get a new baby’s room and a toddler’s room finished in the next couple of months…right?

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